An exclusive group of diving professionals and fun-makers based in Bali, whose expertise in ocean exploration, underwater photography, critters-finding and dive training.  By our flexible arrangements, you will dive Indonesia’s best waters in a safest and reasonable way.

What We Do

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allow us to take part in your endless passion for the underwater world.  We can consult the travel plan and arrange a reasonable private trip for you and your group, exploring specific dive sites and specific marine creatures for your portfolio or enjoyment.  See underwater photography section for more info.


who want to continue the education and build up their skills to the next level, we’re more than just prepared to equip you with the right tutorials in a pleasant ambient.  We train and tutor divers as we want them to be as passionate and knowledgeable like us on scuba diving.


curious to breathe underwater, eager to see the magnificent life in the liquid part of mother earth, getting closer and personal to hundreds of species of fish, want to be astonished by the striking colors-mind-blowing patterns and shapes of marine life? Let us get your ready to enjoy the stunning underwater actions, making it one of those memorable moments in your life.


as a group of diving professionals, we are not your competitor. We serve all elements in diving industry, ready to assist your establishment, from as early as setting up the operation to providing dive service on a freelance-based inquiries.


with our extensive network, we play significant part in promoting your brand to our guests and students.  Being the end users and reviewed various diving and underwater photography products for many years, we have our own approach to persuade our guests.  If a product is good, we tell them what makes that a good product. If it's not good, we don't tell them not to buy, but we advise them the consequences, and they will decide. Fair enough?  In other words, we market proven products only.


Find out more, email us your inquiry.


Underwater Photography

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What is your underwater photography preference?  Do you make a list of a-must-see-creature each time you dive? Or do you just splash and shoot?

We've dived a lot with photographers, professionals and beginners. We sit with them before the dive, arranging the photo plan and concept, consulting the techniques and the opportunity for specific species sighting, picking the right tide, making the most out of each dive.

There's no quick fix when dealing with diving and photography. To be a better underwater photographer, you just need to dive more and more. Period.

What We Can Provide

Corporate or individual entity may utilize our photography/videography service. We can document most underwater activities in relation to company profiles or area promotion, commercial ads involving products or underwater models, underwater pre-wedding photography, underwater wedding ceremonial, ships underside inspection, and thing we like the most, finding creatures for pros and scientists.

Chris is the one taking care of this department. Please see our image portfolio, maybe we fit your preference. If we do, let's go for a photo trip, a project or workshops.










Fish Book

This book is packed with fish species of tropical sea and their common names, displayed with very clear images. We simply love it!

Ask us a copy, not free though :)


INON Products

Equip yourself with INON products! Their wet lenses and strobes rock! Not overpriced, but perform great, and they last!

contact us for details


Favourite Pelagic Fish

What is your favorite big fish ?


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